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Project Description
Bidirectional automatic mapping for the .Net platform, with strong verification and testing tools.

Bidirectional mapping
Automatic mapping
Mapping between different types
Nested mapping and Flattening
Lists and Arrays
Verification of relations
Testing the mapping
Properties, Fields and Methods

Using the framework will be easier if you know about the basic concepts.

Driving forces
  • Bidirectional mapping - when relations are set up, you should not have to define them again to map the other way
  • Verification and testing of mapping - to be able to trust, assert and verify your mappings
  • Convetion over configuration - Not having to state the obvious
  • Explicitness - If you want to be explicit, we'll let you
  • Simplicity - mapping should be simple, not an error prone nightmare.
  • Good practices - The goal is to promote good coding practices, but not to ignore the fact that there is a lot of legacy code out there that forces us to work a bit differently at times.

Strict and Automagical Modes
Flattening a large structure

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