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Here are the basic consepts and terms used with Glue.



A relation defines how two properties between two types are related. It can be bidirectional, or unidirectional, meaning it can state that they relate to each other, or that they only relate one direction. It can also define things like how the values are to be converted between the two. This is a static definition between classes, and is not the same as an actual mapping between two objects.

To Map


When you map between two objects you copy data from one to the other the way that the types relations defines the copying.

TowardsRight, TowardsLeft

Whenever a direction (left or right) is mentioned in Glue it refers to a direction in the relations, and refers directly to the first and second type defined in the mapping.

Given this code:

var mapping = new Mapping<DomainPerson, GuiPerson>();


In these examples DomainPerson is on the left side, and GuiPerson is on the RightSide. Anything going TowardsRight is going towards GuiPerson. Anything going TowardsLeft is going towards DomainPerson.

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